The journey to a better health from a busy work schedule

Motivations stories and success stories work best when they are about the people around us. Our neighbours, someone we share the same bus with, someone we share a sad smile within a traffic jam, someone we might cross paths with every day.

Runathon of Hope brings to you one such story of Mr Bharat Gole. A hard-working family man who wanted to do right by his loved ones. Due to his work, he has been a frequent traveller abroad. But like most of us, the time and attention that was given to his work did not balance out the time and attention he was supposed to dedicate to his health. This resulted in hypertension and some other medical issues. His medical profiles had both of his doctors concerned for his well-being. He was suggested by his doctors’ medications, dietary modifications, and regular exercise sessions. While the former two were easily adapted in Mr Gole’s life, his work schedule was not permitting him to stick to his exercise sessions.

In the year 2018, Mr. Gole came across Runathon of Hope. He saw a few videos of other people at different marathons. Both of this served as a motivation for him. He was adamant on taking part and completing the Half Marathon race. While he was aware that the journey was not going to be an easy one, he was adamant on his decision. Keeping Runathon of Hope as his target, he started training himself with a slow and comfortable pace. For the initial period, he started off with walking and a little bit of jogging.

As the training started becoming rigorous, there were times when it was difficult for Mr. Gole to keep his balance as well, let alone speed. Sometimes, the well-famed Druga Tekdi Trek was also a huge challenge for him. But he kept going and did not stop training for Runathon.

All efforts show results. Mr. Gole’s did too. He completed his first ever Half Marathon. To top it, his most recent medical reports show a significant improvement and no problems related to his physical health. His doctors even advised him to stop taking tablets for hypertension, which otherwise were supposed to be taken “as long as he lived”.

His journey from being diagnosed with hypertension and weighing 103 KGS to 81 KGS and now being declared physically fit by his doctors, is an inspirational one. Somewhere down the line, when Mr. Gole chose Runathon of Hope as his target, he was aware that he was running not only for his health but for his community, for people who are working towards community development and improvement. This was one of the things that kept him going during his difficult training period. The idea that he was doing this for a cause beyond himself.

He has now been a part of multiple marathons and aspires to be so for all days to come. We bring you this story because sometimes we get even when we aim at giving back.


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