The Happy Village project is designed to equip the village with basics,involving the villagers and also giving them a sense of participation, satisfaction and thereby uplift their self-esteem.

Under this project each village is served in areas of Education, Employment training, Women Empowerment, Community Development, Health & Sanitation and Citizen Care.

Under Education we channel the below:

  1. Coaching center for rural school students
  2. Motivational education kits for children below 5
  3. Support classes for rural students of 10th and 12th
  4. Getting dropout students back to school
  5. Creating smart class facilities
  6. Providing classroom furniture for balwadis
  7. Creating science lab facility for undeveloped schools
  8. Establishment of children’s library

Under Employment Training we channel the below:

  1. Identifying unemployed youth and providing them training to be drivers, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, etc.
  2. Promotion of self employment among youth and adults
  3. Craft and artisan training program for men and women

Under Women Empowerment we channel the below:

  1. Gynecological medical care and camp for women
  2. Early mother care awareness campaigns
  3. Sanitary napkins awareness campaigns
  4. Pre-natal care and counseling
  5. Counseling for women in distress
  6. Skill training for supplementary income

Under Community Development we channel the below:

  1. Environmental care and protection
  2. Desilting of ponds and tanks
  3. Laying of approach roads
  4. Construction of water tanks
  5. Borewell construction
  6. Help and assistance for reading rooms
  7. Communal harmony programs
  8. Rural development initiatives
  9. Green energy promotion

Under Health & Sanitation we channel the below:

  1. Health Awareness Campaigns in Schools and Communities
  2. Child Health Camps with pediatricians
  3. Eye Camps
  4. Dental Camps
  5. ENT Camps
  6. Geriatric Camps
  7. Open Defection Abolishing Awareness

Under Citizen Care we channel the below:

  1. Care and counseling for the elderly
  2. Helping out with Old Age Pensions
  3. Help and assistance for disabled persons
  4. Support for widows and transgender
  5. Safety guidelines for laborers and workers
  6. Positive life orientation awareness for families
  7. Establishing counseling centres
  8. Establishment of children’s park & play areas
  9. Creating recreational facilities for the community