Running a marathon can be an exciting and memorable experience. Runathon of Hope – 2019, is a great way to stay fit and run for a social cause. But it is strongly advised that one should not participate in a marathon without proper training. Runathon of Hope– 2019 offers various race categories. If you are planning to participate in any of the races, here are a few tips you could consider:

Why are you running

Knowing that you are running for a noble cause is one of the best motivating factors out there. Runathon of Hope is organized by the Rotary Club of Nigdi-Pune and all funds generated through this event will be used to execute social projects under various domains through the Rotary Club of Nigdi-Pune Charitable Trust. You are going to be part of a community who is responsible and willing to step for a social cause. You are not running just for yourself. You are also running to give HOPE to the ones who are less fortunate than us.

Your training has to go beyond physical

Understanding how your mind and body are connected is extremely important. You, as a runner, need to recognize what are the mental roadblocks that could affect your running on the day of the marathon. As you will be physically training yourself weeks before the day of the event, you need to focus on mental training as well. This will help you eliminate the roadblocks one-by-one. Running is not the only thing in your life- workload, external stress, and various other things will have an effect on your training. Listen to your mind and don’t push yourself too far on days like these.

Choose your training plans wisely

There are multiple training plans available for you at your fingertips. Most of these online plans are created under the assumption that you either train regularly or that you have gone through a basic pre-training period. Talk to a trainer if necessary while choosing or creating a plan that is best suited for you. Your body keeps sending you messages. Decode them and understand. Give your body what it needs.

Study your arena

Knowing the route, you are going to be running on for the race, is going to be extremely beneficial for you. You might also consider walking or training on the given route a few days or weeks prior to the race. This will help you decide how to pace your running, and you will have no unexpected surprises about your arena on the day of the event. The routes for all race categories of Runathon have been uploaded on the website. When you are training, visualizing your run route will help you get in the proper mindset.

Diet Plans

Make sure that you eat right. Along with your stamina, your strength is going to be tested as well. So, make sure that you don’t try anything drastically different on the race day. Meet up with a nutritionist before you start training and follow your diet plan through your race day. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

Running Gear

The only thing that matters the most here is your comfort. As you start exploring the options, you might get overwhelmed by the available information but make sure you go for the option that is most comfortable for you. Break into your new shoes and gear right from your training period. This will help you be focused on your race.

Don’t underestimate Rest

Most of the marathon runners train vigorously up until the day of the race, as they are afraid of falling out of pattern. But this can sometimes lead to over-exertion resulting in fatigue on the day of the race. Giving your body plenty of rest during the training period will help you avoid the above-mentioned scenario. Many marathon trainers talk about a stage called ‘Tapering’ which comes 2-3 weeks before your race day. This is where you train less and focus more on rest.

Look out for your Motivators

There might come a point when your mind and body are equally exhausted, and the finish line is yet too far. This is when you can turn to your family and friends for motivation. Strategically placing your network along the route will not only help you keep going but familiar faces are a good distraction to look forward to.

Start Mindful Running

During your training, do not focus on speed and distance both at the same time. This might make you prone to injury. Start at a comfortable pace. If you are training yourself four days a week- make sure that you test your distance only once every two weeks. While running in the marathon- take in your surroundings and go back to your training period. Keeping your mind focused in the moment will help you avoid negative distractions like how far is the finish line and how tired you will be until you reach there.

And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while you are running!